How to Make a Café Au Lait at Home

Whenever I visit a coffee shop my go-to drink is a café au lait. I love the creamy, frothy goodness that is coffee with milk. It sounds so basic, and yet it was never a drink that I had ventured to make at home. Make a whole pot of coffee only to use a very small portion? Ah, no. Try that chemistry experiment we all dread of making less than a full pot of coffee? It never tastes right! Even if the proportions are exact. I don’t get it. Nope, not going to all that trouble. 

Then it dawned on me. Why not use my single-cup French press? French press coffee is always so rich and flavorful. THIS would be the perfect solution. But there was one more hurdle – the milk. 

I’m usually pretty rushed in the morning, so I needed to find an efficient way to heat my milk. Warming it on the stovetop sounded time-consuming. I could use the microwave, but then how would I get it frothy? The froth is a must. 

-Another lightbulb moment-

Behold, my milk frothing and heating device:

Cafe Au Lait

You guys, this method of using a French press and a glass jar is perfection and it is quick. I’m now routinely enjoying my café au lait every morning. This method makes two café au laits. I drink one with my breakfast and one during my commute to work. Here’s what you do:

Step one

Get your French press going by putting 3 tablespoons of coffee into the press. Pour in hot water from your kettle and wait 4 minutes.

French Press Coffee Maker

Step two

Put 12oz of milk into your glass jar. Shake vigorously until foamy. Place in the microwave for 2 minutes.

Frothing Milk

Step three

Pour half of your French press coffee into your mug, pour half of the milk over it, and spoon out  some froth on top.

Cafe au lait

I hope you enjoy this method of making an at-home café au lait as much as I do. The best part for me is the newfound depth of flavor that using the French press provides. On days where I’m looking for a little extra, I add some vanilla extract, cinnamon, nutmeg, and real maple syrup. Delish.

Try and make it yourself!

Make two servings. Enjoy!

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