Bear Naked French Press 12 oz Stainless Steel


  • This German modeled carafe is made with borosilicate glass and has high heat resistance that leads to a non-crack and non-faulty experience with optimal lasting temperature for your coffee.
  • The high quality stainless steel double mesh screen is engineered with anti-rust material and also is designed to leave your coffee smooth and with no coffee grounds within the cup.
  • This single cup French Press Coffee Maker is perfect for any tea leaves or coffee grounds, or coffee needed to make a delicious hot or cold drink with pleasant aromas and taste.
  • This modern styled French Press is a great addition to any kitchen and it is made for everyday use. The stainless steel handle adds for added protection for the carafe and also for safe and cool temperature grip of the French Press coffee maker.


  • THE PERFECT COFFEE MAKER – BearNaked French presses allow for a tasteful, powerful, and aroma-filled cup of coffee that will not leave grounds in your cup. It is a sleek addition to your lovely modern kitchen aesthetic. Our clean French press delivers the robust flavors you love by using the rich nutrients and oils in your coffee. Includes instructions on how to use French press.
  • OUR QUALITY – Our french presses are designed to be an elegant addition to any modern kitchen with our sleek stainless steel body and handle. The double-walled glass carafe and steel base allow for longer lasting optimal temperature of the coffee. The durable quality and mechanical design of the BearNaked French press will leave lack of residue and rust compared to the competitors. Our high quality, tight, double-mesh screen will make for clean coffee with no grounds left behind.
  • THE IDEAL FIT – We pride our French Presses to be the best on the market in allowing for 3X more caffeine compared to brewed coffee. With BearNaked presses you can use coffee grounds or loose leaf tea with the double-mesh screen to brew pure, flavorsome, aromatic beverages. BearNaked is a leader in designing high-quality kitchen equipment that stylistically fits the mood of a modern home.
  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY – 5% of profits for BearNaked will go to clinics and shelters in Ethiopia. We are very committed to international aid. Our product is also economy friendly as that it does not require electricity for use.
  • ULTIMATE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND LIFETIME WARRANTY – For any reason, our product does not meet the BearNaked high standards we promise to give your money back 100 % guarantee or we will replace the product.


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